Benvetuto. Bienvenue. Welcome.

We may be a small jewelry business in Vineland, New Jersey, but we have been around many years, and we are very proud to have built up a great reputation in the locality and even from overseas.

For example. This is Lisa. Lisa lives in Rome, but she trusts noone else but DeSoto Jewelers to look after her jewelry needs. Whenever she flies in from Rome, she always comes in and sees the gang at DeSoto and often leaves with a purchase of some sort.

But the main reason she comes in is to get her jewelry checked and cleaned by Caleb. She says while she can get it done in Rome, she doesn’t have the faith or trust that she has in DeSoto.

Lisa isn’t the only person to come into the store from overseas. Just before Lisa came in, several guys from Haiti were in making a purchase. They come into the store whenever they are in town and have been repeat customers for ages.

So DeSoto Jewelers isn’t just your local friendly jeweler, it’s becoming your international friendly jeweler.

We appreciate all our customers from wherever they come from, and we aim to give everyone the same great service.

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